Odette's Summer Party

An entertainment and party experience for gentlemen who are social, outgoing, extroverted, generous, discerning and discreet. Check back periodically for updates and for confirmed entertainment. Click photos to enlarge and to find out names of entertainers.

Imagine yourself at the ultimate party, with the opportunity to frolic with up to 5 or 6 different women - each girl as different as the next. You've done your part: 

You had months to prepare. You have your cover story all set, very nominal deposit paid, supplies in order, and all you have to do for the next six hours is enjoy the total bliss of knowing with certainty that you are going to have as much as you can take at what is sure to be an unforgettable experience. 

All the rules will be sent to you immediately upon receipt of your nominal deposit in your invitation packet so you know exactly what to expect and exactly what fun activities you will get to enjoy and how. 

You will be one of up to 7 or 8 upscale gents attending for the next six hours. Parking is fee, but limited to three cars. Expect to have to use a ride service to come from a nearby location if you are arriving solo. 

You will walk in and be put at ease by all the gorgeous women surrounding you and your cohort. You will be shown the huge luxury Pittsburgh home and introduced to the private spaces for one on one time and public spaces for potential group activities.

There is a heated outdoor pool. There is a TV out back and grill and the yard is semi-private, in addition to outside seating; for conversations, dining for 6 etc and patio. This is the perfect place for winding down or if you need a break/private time from the party inside. 

Grilling food/ snacks/ beverages and some Alcohol/Social enhancements will be provided but BYOB if you don't like whiskey or wine.

This will be a THREE DAY event. 

JUNE 7-9 

Deposits MUST be paid to hold a spot NO EXCEPTIONS. Deposit is $500. Some of you might have never paid a deposit before. This home is costing us ladies $1500 and we are not taking chances on guys who "promise" they'll come and will have a last minute emergency only to leave us ladies out in the cold, so to speak. This deposit is 1/3 of your total cost and is non-refundable unless you can find someone to take your place. Only inquire if you are serious, you have plenty of time to make this event work for you and set your funds aside. 

Deposits are paid on Venmo only. Exceptions can be made for cash deposits made in person to Odette. All other payment is due the day of, in cash, upon arrival. 

We will NOT reserve spots for anyone who does not pay their deposit, no EXCEPTIONS. There is already heavy interest in this event and some bookings have already been paid. This is a once in a lifetime event and there is no guarantee we will do this next summer. 

Day 1 $1500 per person

Friday (Start time is negotiable but for now its 12-6PM, could change to 9-3 if it works better for people's cover stories)

7-8 gentleman

5-6 ladies

Day 2

Saturday $1500 per person

12-3PM 5-6 Ladies & 4 gents

3-6PM 5-6 Ladies & 4 gents

Day 3 $2000 per person


10-2PM 5-6 ladies & 3-4 gents

Do you have a suggestion that might make this even more enjoyable/comfortable? Email me! odette.vanderhoof@gmail.com