April 1, 2017



As some of you may know, I have been traveling a lot between Ohio and Pittsburgh, especially recently. The other day, I had the good fortune of being able to try out a destination spa on my way through Cleveland that I really want to tell you about... I really *enjoyed* myself. 


The place was so huge, there were 35 treatment rooms and it seemed like the halls went on forever. The first thing I did was sit in a dry sauna to relax for about half an hour. After that though, I had a rose petal hydrobath. There were tons of candles everywhere and the tub had tons of rose petals and rose essential oils in it. There's something really sexy about taking a bath like that, to me. I couldn't help myself, the petals were so soft they were like velvet; I slid one over my finger tips and rubbed myself with it. I spent most of the 45 minutes masturbating myself with the rose petal, sliding it all overly clit and even fingering myself with it. I even took a little video, that I am going to post on clipsforsale for those of you who are interested in checking it out. 


After the bath I had a facial, and then a massage. One thing people always ask me when I am out in public is what I do for a living. I don't like to lie but obviously I can't bee too forthcoming, so I tell them that I own an Adult Entertainment company, which isn't exactly a lie. Most people (women) clam up and pretend they didn't hear me. I had a male massotherapist and when I told him that, he said we would be 'best friends'. 


I always prefer to get massages from male therapists, because massage is inherently sensual, no matter how therapeutic you try to make it. I swear, this one went higher up on my thighs and lower down on my pectorals than any other massage therapist I had before, and I wondered if my admission of career track had anything to do with it... Just a slip of the finger and it could have been a whole other situation. I kept wishing the whole time he would - and I was dripping afterward, but no dice! Ahhh maybe next time? What do you guys think?


All in all, a very relaxing day still. I am trying to get the blog in a different, more uplifting direction so feel free to let mw know what you think. 






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