A very sexy massage

May 17, 2017

Hello there friends, 

I did not get to tell you about what happened when I went back to the spa in Cleveland. I made an appointment with the same male therapist because I just had a feeling that he might be the kind of person who would help me live out the massage fantasy many of us desire. I was right and wrong  at the same time. 


When I entered the massage room, I noticed quickly that the giant sofa that used to be in there (I thought it would be convenient for fucking in there if the occasion ever occurred, it was so big) was missing. Last time I was there I was completely naked under the sheet and blanket, but this time I was wearing a thong. I highly doubted I was going to get any sort of diddling from this experience so I didn't see any reason not to wear any, and since I didn't book a bath this time there was no reason to take them off. 


He asked me, "what do you want to work on today?" I thought about it before replying. I wondered if I could possibly hint to something deeper without coming right out and saying I wanted man handled. "Just to relax, I don't really have any need to focus on anything today. I am here to just enjoy."


He said "Whatever your heart desires" before he stepped out of the room for me to take my robe off and get on the table. I thought about how weird it was that he said that. Did I feel creeped out? Was I imagining that he was also implying he would be willing to do what I wanted or was I just projecting that? I was so confused!


When he finally came back in I was under the sheets and blanket and the table heater was on so it was very warm. He asked me for a second time what I wanted but he worded it as "what are your goals for this massage today?" I told him about how I really just wanted to relax and that I was "open" to whatever he thought I needed. Then he said something that sounded weird again... 


"Your wish is my command." Cheesy, I know. 


At this point a long few moments of silence passed as he massaged my right arm and I thought about how to proceed. I decided to tell him that I had a blog and that even though nothing really happened last time, that I wrote about our massage because a lot of my "readers" had desires for massages with happy endings so I thought they'd get a kick out of me wanting one too. I told him that the way he worded things was going to give me a ton of material for my next blog post, I was just going to think of how to end it. 


After several minutes of extremely painful and awkward discussion in which both of us tried to tell the other we were willing to do what was wanted while still not coming right out and asking, I just told him straight up what I wanted and didn't want; a very sensual massage, that nowhere was off limits but that I didn't want penetration of any kind. 


I kept my eyes closed and he sucked on my nipples (not so well, actually - I am not sure how one does a bad job at this, but he wasn't very good) and massaged my breasts. While one hand was doing something dirty, the other was still performing a perfectly legitimate massage. He totally ignored my puss and flipped me over to do my back and back of legs. I thought; Maybe he is just waiting for me to be on my stomach for easier access? His hands went strait to my rear and he was massaging my glutes, until a pinky slipped into my asshole. It felt good but sort of totally went against my 'no penetration' rule. My ass was so super oily at that point with all the lotion/oil he was putting on and he slipped a 2nd and sometimes a third finger in and out, and then he was finger banging both my holes at the same time. Don't get me wrong, it was nice, but again - not what I wanted. I wanted rubbed, not fingered... clit & labia massaged not puss prodded. I was silent though. I didn't want to discourage what I thought could be the start to a great massage relationship potentially. 


My arms and hands were resting comfortably and suddenly his hips appeared by my hands, his dick hard through his pants... I decided to rub him over them while he fingered me. It was less than one second that his cock came out of those pants and was right next to my hands. I mean, I wasn't going to just leave a dick hanging around, so I started stroking him and he was pounding me with his hand more vigorously. 


I decided that we might as well have sex for some reason and so I pulled my thong to the side and brought one of my legs up toward my chest, so he could enter me from behind and fuck me sideways, but the position wasn't working. I just pulled my thing completely off and got on my hands and knees so we could do it k9 but he started pressing the tip of his dick against my asshole and I panicked. I moved him to my pussy and we fucked like that for a moment until he thrusted too hard and fell out when he pulled back to push in again. When he went to go back in I thought he was accidentally pressing against my anus again but a split second later I was stifling small, slight cries of pain as I realized his intention all along was anal... hence all the oil. I thought he was going to go forever until he finally came and I collapsed on the bed exhausted. 


"I just want to clean up with some hot towels and get the best damned back massage with whatever time we have left" I said. I was on one hand thrilled that I got a sexual massage experience, but was on the other hand very upset that I didn't stay in control. 


I could have written an alternate ending where I tell you guys that I just loved everything oh so much, but I have always been honest with you all and always will be. I wanted to be selfish for a change and get what I wanted! It turned out he was having neck/spine surgery the next day and would be out for the next 8 weeks... he has been calling and texting non-stop. (Shouldn't have given my number.)


What would you guys have done? Since he got a trip to the greek isles I didn't feel inclined to tip anything beyond a normal tip for a normal massage lol. 



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