Funny teeth

August 5, 2017

I agreed to see someone from TER tonight and I did my whole screening process etc...


This was set up over a week ago. The dude was literally trying to be my pen pal online emailing me every chance he got to shoot the shit, it was getting annoying. 
I gave him my number this morning for his 7PM appointment and of course he then became my texting buddy, but he started saying weird stuff like "no one else is gonna be there, right? No LE lol" and he asked me like seriously 4 times! It started to make me feel weird that he was asking... like a red herring type of situation. I felt like... was him asking trying to throw me off his scent or was he really that paranoid? I have so many reviews going back forever... why in the world would I need to prove that I am not LE to him? 

7PM rolls around and he starts texting throwing a fit about how my neighborhood isn't what he would have liked it to be, wanting me to come outside to greet him and being weird that my neighbors were outside enjoying the summer. I'm an escort, did he think I lived in a mansion? Jesus Christ. I'm in downtown Canton, it isn't pretty down here. I'm at the point where I am pretty fed up and he asks about the LE thing again! I finally get him in the house and he is being so weird. I usually can find something attractive about most guys I see, but there was something off about the way he looked, like maybe something was genetically wrong with him, if you know what I mean... He looked like if Spock had Down's Syndrome... and I mean that as politely as possible. 


Anyway, we go to the bedroom, I am already wearing lingerie, and he says "how do we do this?" and I was still weirded out about earlier, so I told him to get comfortable first. Well instead of getting comfortable he asks me "what are you prices? For a quick visit? Or just a BJ?" UH WTF!!!!! Why would you ask someone that question? I totally flipped out, told him I was uncomfortable and made him leave. Before he left though, he walked into my three year old's bedroom to look in there, just apropos of nothing. It sort of pissed me off. Like dude, I am obvi not a cop because I just asked you to leave after you solicited me for sex, maybe don't look in my kids bedroom where it's not your business what is in there?!


Also, he told me he read my reviews, but he must have lied, because I don't do QVs or just random BJs for money... so I was really insulted. I told him as much via text afterwards and you know his response? "I don't want to sound mean, but teeth are an issue for me". 

OMG, you guys, I have a raised incisor. It's the reason I NEVER smile in pictures. I have a huge insecurity about it! It hurt my feelings so much that he pointed that out, I have NEVER had a client point that out before if they noticed it. So now not only did all this craziness happen, but I have to feel bad about my teeth until god knows when I get over it. 

So now I am afraid he is going to write about his "experience" online and mention my teeth and bad neighborhood. Should I be worried and am I making a mountain from a molehill?Just seems like this kind of disrespectful weird stuff keeps happening lately. Why wouldn't you do your research before visiting a lady, or confirm pricing for time before you come see her? He drove 45 mins to get here, what if he wouldn't have had the money? 

I just feel like crying right now.





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