Girls will be girls

August 14, 2017

Can't get Pgh out of my mind!


Fiona & I were in Pittsburgh very recently, and she shared a room with the other girl we brought. If we had any appointments together I had her come to my room at my hotel so nothing would conflict with any clients. After 90 minutes of total PSE for one lucky guy (following a few other tag teams) - you could say we were exhausted. I was very fortunate to be staying in a gorgeous room downtown with a huge glass shower and a deep soaking tub. The tub could easily fit two people, and after our last appointment of the day I asked her if she wanted to try the tub out with me. Who wouldn't want to?


We both climbed in, talking about the days meetings with new people from earlier, and washing up. There was quite a lengthy period of luxuriously soaking together in the bath... but when you have two naked bi girls in an enclosed space like that, things can get interesting. 


One thing you might not know about Fiona is she can be very cuddly. I asked her to wash my back for me and she obliged but when she was finished she decided to bring her soapy hands around me and fondle my breasts and nipples. It wasn't long before I was returning the favor and we were making out in the warm water. In even less time hands were traveling south and we were rouging each other's sex. Even though we were tired we were turned on again and ready to go. 


I got the idea to try something that is personally my favorite femme-femme activity; scissoring. The tub was just the right size for us to line our pusses up and grind each other before we came and collapsed against our respective edges of the bath. 


We grabbed lunch together afterwards at one of my favorite taco places near Swissvale. 


I'll be honest with you guys, I am much more inclined to keep traveling together ;)


PS - someone felt the need to message me and tell me they didn't like these photos, that they weren't sexy... because apparently real lesbian sex must be glamorous, involve makeup and hair styling, possibly even high heels. Life is EXACTLY like porn y'all. The point of these photos is to leave something to imagination and be realistic. We aren't gonna be all dolled up in a bathtub for chrissake... we were literally washing ourselves and one thing led to another. 






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Girls will be girls

August 14, 2017

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