My Hiatus

February 27, 2018

So as many of you may know, I have taken a long break from the hobby and just come back. I want to use this space to explain myself and also fill everyone in on some fun things I had the chance to do. 


Anyone who has seen me knows that during our sessions I will usually mention my weight or how I feel about my body. I try not to do this because no one wants to hear that, and I'd like to think I don't go on and on about it, but it's difficult not to self-deprecate sometimes. Before my hiatus I had the displeasure of having multiple not-so-great client interactions and I had also learned of several providers that I know of raising their prices to combat this. I honestly feel that I was underpriced and deserve a rate increase, but part of me felt that I couldn't do it for  long time because if I were going to, I should get back to my glory days, physically speaking. Not too long ago I had become the number 3 highest rated escort in Cleveland. Many of you would agree that you deserve raises in your profession when you are doing great work, I felt the same. I only dropped down on the list by one when a porn star moved to the area, but her reviews are not as great as mine.


This break I was on, I told myself I was going to work on myself with no distractions, then come back. I have been doing a HIIT workout called the Bodyboss Method for the last 11 weeks and while I feel stronger and have definitely lifted my butt, I am sad to say not much else has changed. The problem is I am an incredibly picky eater. I dislike the wording 'picky eater' because it conjures the image of a toddler to me - but I just have weird hangups about food. Depending on the texture and look of certain foods, my brain just doesn't register the item as edible even though I know for a fact that the item is. This means my diet is made up of foods of poor nutritional quality. I don't care for fast food, but I also can't eat most whole, clean fruits and vegetables, opting instead for the more starchy variety vegetables. I also consume a lot of carbohydrates, but not the right kind. The other problem is that I was not following the Bodyboss Method properly. I was doing the Bodyboss workouts 2x a week but not 3x like it suggests, or using the other days for cardio as I was directed. 


I got fed up with this though, and have joined a 2 month long challenge at my gym and resolved to go to the gym at least 5/6 days a week is possible. I am now entering into the third of twelve weeks and can honestly say that I have hit my goal of how often I need to be there. I have NOT hit a weight loss goal because my diet is just sooo bad! I am working on that now.


Some guys say they prefer a softer, curvier woman, but those are far and few between and I honestly cannot stand being unable to fit into the plethora of adorable, high end lingerie I used to wear. 


I obviously decided to come back to work anyway despite not having the results I initially wanted, but that's okay. I suppose this will be a slow and long process. 


While I was on hiatus I had the good fortune to go to DC and see a ballet I have been looking forward to for months. I bought my tickets almost 5 months in advance, loaded up my best friend and away we went for a weekend trip. I went to the African American Museum of Culture and History, which was the most modern and beautiful museum I had ever been in, as well as the most somber. I ate some truly delicious meals in some fantastic restaurants. I went to the air and space museum and stayed in a super cool hotel (where my current photos were done at) in addition to seeing the performance twice! I had been looking forward to it because the costume and set designer is artist Mark Ryden and the ballet being performed was revived from post WWII. It flopped when it initially came out as it had political undertones, and this time it was reimagined. Ryden is one of my favorite artists in our current art movement; pop surrealism. I knew as soon as I saw his illustrations in a magazine announcing the show that I had to go and see Whipped Cream. It was a great time and I got back just Feb.05. 


My birthday is coming up on the 9th and I am already coming up with ideas for what I want to do. The gift to myself that I really want is to hire a female companion for myself, as I rarely get the opportunity to enjoy being with a woman and not also being an environment where the male client is there too. It's not cheap though, and I will definitely have to work as much as possible until then to afford it, which I would of course tell you all about! 


So until next time! I know this post was maybe a bit depressing, but it needed to be said. In this post I have attached some photos from my trip, including snapshots from the ballet, me at the air and space museum, souvenirs from the museum that I enjoyed as I built my lego Women of NASA set this last weekend (plan to start that Apollo Saturn V soon!) and some pizza that was larger than my own head! 











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