A successful trip

March 6, 2018

I was really worried about going to Pittsburgh after my hiatus as I was afraid with this recent price increase that I would not get many clients or would receive a lot of NCNS... I was pleasantly proven wrong, though I admit that if it had't been for Nadia Davino, my duo partner this trip, I wouldn't have had at least one of those bookings. 


I saw 6 people over three days which is a perfect amount for me since I consider myself low volume. (If it sounds like a lot to you, then you have no idea how many dudes are coming in and out with other providers on trips lol.) One of the clients was a female! That's right, I had my first ever female client this last weekend. I found her on craigslist of all places. Many times when I was lonely and searching for female company I would peruse the w4w section in Casual Encounters on Craigslist. I would never have the guts to meet with someone (and almost never found someone I was attracted to, as I am a lot pickier with women than I am men). Looking on those lists though made me realize that there are a lot of women looking for female companionship that is also NSA - no strings attached. Would they pay for someone's time though? That was the question. Many of the ladies, in their ads, were lamenting about how no one is ever serious on CL and that usually photos and endless messages are exchanged but they are sick of never meeting anyone. 


So I posted. I said something along the lines of "I'm a sure thing" and directed them to this website. I got about three responses for Pittsburgh. Of the three, two were completely put off by the screening process. One of them I was fairly certain wasn't even female and just wanted me to get on the phone with them for creepy reasons. Then I was lucky to have one girl go all the way through screening - a cute hipster chick with tattoos. She had about the same body composition as me, maybe smaller, and was very adorable. 


We set a time and date and all up to meeting I was quite nervous. I have experience with girls, sure, but I was worried, what if I can't send her home with a smile on her face? Women are so much more complicated than men. Fortunately she was pretty take-charge so she made all the first moves, which helped a lot. There was a lot of kissing and she went down on me first; after a few minutes I offered to reciprocate. I am fairly certain she came. Sometimes you wonder because so many women fake orgasms out of pity, but I would hope that she wouldn't throw that much cash down the drain just to boost my ego! We talked for a little bit afterwards and when she left, she was the only person on the trip to leave a tip. I don't ever expect tips but sometimes it is nice to feel appreciated when you feel like you have done a good job. I certainly don't always deserve tips, in my opinion. 


I would love to go into more XXX details but since this was an actual client I am trying to respect the privacy of her appointment. After all, what is the point of offering discreet meetings if you go blathering on your blog, right? 


I am hoping to advertise to more ladies in the future though I would like to say CL is not the ideal place to meet people. 


My birthday is coming up this weekend and I am very excited to see my friends and have a great time! 


Until then! 



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