Birthday Girl

March 13, 2018

All in all I had a pretty nice birthday weekend and I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. Friday night I went to my favorite grilled cheese place (if you don't know this already, grilled cheese is my favorite food). Unfortunately I did get into a fight with my closest friend on my birthday that pretty much soured the entire night but Saturday was a new day and we made up. 


I have this tendency to think people are mad at me based on certain vocal tones they use and thought during the night my friend seemed increasingly irritated over certain things. I asked if they were mad at me; and me just asking that set them off. We got into a really bad argument and things were said that were pretty hurtful by both of us. I had spent a ton of money on an extremely awesome hotel room and at the end of the night I was in no mood to enjoy it :( 


The next morning we made up though and met for a very delicious brunch after I had a photoshoot with my photographer in the morning. The photoshoot went great and I am so excited to share all the new photos with you as soon as I have them. The photographer did send me 2 pictures yesterday that I can share. I really love these photos. 


I was in a significantly better mood before lunch and I did make sure to find time to use my favorite water toy (The Satisfyher Pro 2) in the bath tub while watching my favorite porn clip - Which I will link to you all who might be interested in what kind of porn I like to watch...


That evening I went to the movies with friends to see the movie Red Sparrow, which was really sexy and had as many twists and turns as you would expect a spy movie to have. During parts of the movie that people should have seen coming from a mile away you could hear audible confusion and repulsion... it kind of ruined the movie to hear everyones opinions out loud, that being said I highly recommend it. I feel like; if you aren't smart enough to understand spy movies, you don't get to watch spy movies - I was pretty frustrated by all the constant talking but overall it was an enjoyable experience. 


On Sunday I hit the gym and had a healthy lunch and dinner, and that night I re-watched the original Blade Runner with my best friend as we built a lego kit they got me for my birthday. It had just come out and I have been re-enjoying legos recently.


I am pretty sad that I didn't see enough people last week to hire an escort for myself as I had some fantasies I definitely wanted to live out, but what can you do? I still had a pretty good birthday. 


I am going to post one of the new photos, which some of you may have seen already - in addition to my finished lego product!


Have a good weekend everyone! 





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