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April 3, 2018

Finally, I have the chance to write this blog post. I moved from my old location in Cleveland Heights to a new location also in Cleveland Heights and was without internet until yesterday! I enjoyed my Easter weekend at my best friend's house, I feel like their mom is my mom and I am extremely comfortable there as opposed to my normal family. Just this last Christmas I went to my actual mother's house for dinner and it grew awkward quickly. I don't recall how it came up exactly, but we were talking about the old days (like when I was in high school) and she just had to say something like, "remember when you thought you were a lesbian," in the most demeaning voice possible.  To be clear, I have never been confused about my sexuality. I have always been attracted to people, regardless of gender. I got mad that she went there and shot back,"I have sex with women all the time, I'm great at it!" She was upset that I said that in front of my  younger sister but I told her that if she was going to bring up awkward conversation, so was I. So... you can see why I thought it better to skip Easter dinner with her this year. 


Before dinner this week, my best friend's birthday was to be celebrated Friday night. We went to a restaurant near the Strip District called Gauchos for a pre-fix menu. I am a super SUPER picky eater and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to eat anything that was prepared. Fortunately, I only had to skip one course and was able to enjoy the other three. Gauchos is BYOB so by the end of the night we were all pretty lit on wine and decided to see the movie Ready Player One. I don't know if any of you have read the book or heard of it but basically the novel was an extremely easy read; good character development, fun 80s references (which I wasn't alive for the 80s but the book did a great job of explaining them) and even had some smart classist undertones. The movie was a complete train wreck in my opinion. All that matters is my bestie had a great birthday. 


This week is the final week in the 60 day challenge at my gym, and I am not looking forward to weigh-out. Last week when I weighed in I was down 7 pounds from the first week and down 2% in total body fat from the beginning. My fridge was damaged in the move last Wednesday and I haven't been able to store anything in the freezer and I've been unsure on whether or not certain things in the fridge were okay to eat. All that being said, I have been relying on fast food since I got home Sunday night. I thought that last week I had finally 'cracked the code' on how to eat healthy for myself. I needed to prepare things a head of time, only have good options available for myself and find new recipes. One thing I did try over the weekend was a subscription box called Terra's Kitchen. Out of all the food box services it had the most meals to chose from (over 50) and I have to say that out of the 4 meals I ordered, I only disliked one. They were all low calorie or low carb, flavorful and could feed three people even though they were meant to only feed two. The problem with Terra's Kitchen though, is that it's quite expensive. it was over $100 for the four meals and some stuff I think I could have probably paid less to buy in a store. The nice thing though is that there was no prep and no waste, you just got the ingredients you needed. My point in all this was supposed to be that I have been eating badly this week and I wasn't able to work out this weekend, so I am concerned I will have larger numbers for the scale this week. 


I have been increasingly worried about FOSTA/SESTA and am going to be making some changes to the website over the coming months, as well as some other changes like emails etc. I will have minimum requirements for those wanting to contact me in regard to the email accounts they are using. This is all a pain in the butt but I have a small child and cannot risk being persecuted for content on my web and media sites. 


Attached are some photos; one sneak peak from my most recent shoot, a photograph of some new toys I bought with a gift card from an appreciative client for our one year clientversary, and two shots from my restaurant outing. 


I will be in Pgh this weekend from the 5th-7th, I hope to see many of you in GreenTree.







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