April 10, 2018

So many things changing around here! It's crazy! 


I was just in Pittsburgh this last weekend and I had an amazing trip and met some really great clients. I don't think I had one bad client this whole trip, everyone was extremely nice and there were a few who were extra generous this weekend, which I really appreciated because of how hard its been to advertise post all this legislature. I also had some duos and a trio with the lovely Nadia Davino and Miss Jennalicious. You all know how much I love being with women, so when you add those activities to all the great clientele this weekend - I had an amazing time. 


I stayed in a much lower-end hotel than usual this weekend because I was meal prepping before my final 60 Day weigh in and it was the only one I could find that had a fridge in the room AND a microwave. I wish I would have gotten my eating under control before the last two weeks of 60 Day so that I could have more and better results, but oh well. Doesn't mean I can't start now, right? 


I got to go hiking yesterday which was awesome, because the weather had been horrible for the most part until recently. It was really nice because I went with this group on MeetUp that has members with similar interests as me (I've re-parsed this sentence many times and this is the best I can get it) for the hike. I've been needing to meet new people and make actual friends, which I have difficulty with, and this was my second time meeting up with them. 


Aside from all that, I recently purchased a bunch of advertising now that TER is basically gone (which was my biggest asset in terms of getting new clients) and purchased ads on Slixa, Eros and P411. You may have noticed I raised my rates slightly again. Rest assured that anyone who has been seen BEFORE April 8th is still good for the old rate, and that the new rate is for clients going forward. I had to temporarily increase my rates due to my increase in advertising costs (from zero dollars to $365!) from FOSTA/SESTA. Check out my cute Slixa verification photo I had to send them :) 


Next time I will write to you all about how I banged one of my professors in college (if that's a story any of you would like). 




Im so freaking cute 




And here are those BEFORE shots

(SO ugly, I didn't have my hair or makeup done that day! You can also see my birth control patch.)

 AFTER WOOT! I feel like there is a real difference in the midsection and back area.










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