Me time

April 27, 2018

I haven't posted in a while because lately, I have been up to nothing! I wanted to make sure that before I send a newsletter or a blog out that I have something to actually write about, and recently I have been at a loss. 

This last Wednesday I went to the spa with my main regular client. I have included pics in this post and some in the newsletter. The room that the spa puts you in is completely private (wink wink) and includes a small bistro table, private bathroom, 2 person jacuzzi tub, window seat and two massage tables for total, discreet relaxation. We both unwound, got facials, had an hour of private time and then got massages. The room is pictured and you can see the complimentary cheese and fruit tray we got with champagne also. Another cute little thing they do is for every day of the week they focus on a certain 'chakra'. I don't believe in that kind of stuff but it's still neat, and the theme for Wednesday was Solar Plexus Chakra. So you can see in one of the photos that there was some vanilla tea and notes about how it related to that certain theme as well as trail mix and chocolate. So adorable!

I also spent a lot of time "relaxing" on that there window seat. 


The services were great and I found myself wishing during my massage that the provider would just slip his hand a little further up the leg! I never did get the massage fantasy I always wanted.... kind of hard to hit up a masseuse during a couples massage though lol. 


If anyone is interested in spending a day at the spa with me let me know, there is nothing that will relax you more! $800 buys you 30 mins relax time, a 60 minute service, 1 hr relaxation discreet time with me, another 60 minute service and then 30 minutes to get ready to go. Thats 4 hours of bliss and includes the gratuities and tax!


Give me ideas what to write about! 


XOXO Odette







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