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May 15, 2018

Hello all, 


I had a good weekend and hope you all did as well. I got what I needed from GNC (no thanks to generous donations lol and all due to hard work!) but I had some great clients over the last 4 days and feel that I have been very lucky to get great people recently. 


I went to one of my favorite fast-casual places in Pittsburgh this weekend; Chicken on the Run, located in East Liberty area. I love how simple the menu is, the frozen alcoholic beverages and the chicken wallpaper (photo Included)!


I also finally got around to building that lego NASA Apollo Saturn V with my best friend. It took us 5.5 hours but it looks great (photos below). It came with teeny tiny astronauts for the moon landing with a mini American flag which just killed me with its cuteness. 


I have been thinking a lot this weekend about all the stuff going on FOSTA/SESTA wise, and thinking about how difficult for all the girls out there who are just starting out in this environment or are thinking about starting out. I thought about all the things I wish I knew when I first started… 


  1. Despite your self-esteem level, you’re worth more than you think. 

A few of you who have been following me for a while probably remember back to 2013 when I charged under $150 for full Service. Some things I did as low as $80! I just didn’t know better then. I was in good shape and super cute and could have probably gotten so much more if I had started on Eros and p411. I didn’t even know those sites existed until 2016! It makes me shudder to think how fast I could have paid off my debts, put money into savings or gotten braces! I could own a small business by now if I had only valued myself enough as a person to make that reflect in pricing for my time. 


  1. Do your research.

Missing out on all those opportunities for the years it took me to get on p411, INDYs, Eros etc made me miss out on seeing really awesome clients; and I got stuck putting up with a lot of ‘slobbyists’ for a while. I still get one of those occasionally but I have made actual friends ever since breaking away from sites like Erotic Monkey and USAsexguide.


3. Build your social media following!


I can’t stress this one enough! It might seem like most guys in the hobby don’t use Instagram or Twitter (hell, half the time they can’t even bare to use email and won’t even book you if you don’t set up over phone/text). Clients do use these platforms though, and it’s great to build up a following to meet people. I only got a Twitter account a couple months ago and I only have 100 followers, but I already have had 3 clients from it (and even more from Instagram) and they have all been awesome.


4. Alway screen. No matter what.


It will lose you a bunch of business but the guys who don’t want to screen are 99% of the time up to no good. Times when I didn’t screen, I was video recorded against my knowledge, shortened on donations and sexually assaulted (barebacked/bare penetrated).


5. That brings up another thing - never bareback. 


6. Don’t get too personal with clients.


Some clients are easier to talk to than others - and it’s easy to blab a little too much during a session. I’ve shared political conversations and also religious conversations in the past and it has been to the detriment of my business. No matter how open-minded a client claims they are - if your views are not in line with theirs they most likely won’t see you again. If you share intimate personal information you risk over-sharing and having a potentially awkward session. I did this very recently and hugely regret it. No matter how small, any detail about your life could be off-putting or a bummer. Positive personal information might seem like a good idea, until the client blabs it to another escort. I have personally had many clients who share details about other escorts that never should have been my business to know about them. 


7. Never borrow money from clients.


While asking for an advance from a regular is common practice in this industry - borrowing is a huge mistake. It can be hard to pay back depending on the amount and can and will ruin your reputation should it come out. I have personally made this mistake in the past. 


8. Do the best job you can, every time. Some days you might be low energy or mentally frazzled - etc. But put everything you can into every session. I am guilty of this pratfall constantly. That being said, when business is slow it’s always those guys I put a little extra elbow grease into that stay loyal and continue to book. Otherwise - you’re just like any other escort they see. 


9. Do NOT solicit tips!


This should be obvious but I have worked with girls who would ask after every session. Turns clients off!


10. Don’t take shit from anyone - clients or other escorts, even family.


Always be yourself and have strength in your convictions. 


Some of these things may seem obvious - but I sure wish I had some of these nuggets of knowledge when I first started out. 


There you have it! 


(I have decided that I am going to start writing blog posts on topics *I* think are interesting/important and NOT posts that are 'trying' to be sexy or fun all the time, hence this change of pace.)


XOXO Odette






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