The First Week

May 28, 2018

One of the questions I am most frequently asked is "how did you get into this line of work?" I am fairly certain I have talked about this before in a previous post but for now I will just recap the basics of it; When I was about 22 I saw an episode of Law and Oder SVU where this young companion was murdered. The actress was beautiful and she had beautiful things, as the detectives investigated her case they discovered more about her, trips she took, her lifestyle etc... All of that appealed to me (minus the death) and I thought, 'Hey, I could do that, but without getting murdered!' When clients ask me what motivated me to become a companion, answering always reminds me of my first week working as one. 


I was living in Canton at the time and it was the week before my 23rd birthday. A quick google search brought up a website called USAsexguide... and at the time, that was the only site I knew of. I started advertising on there and you could say things really took off. I was way underpriced and getting excellent reviews left and right. My very first gentleman was awesome... all he wanted to do was give me some lip service - so to speak. At the time I was thinking... I can't believe I am getting paid for this! I used to have a set up in my studio apartment where I would have guys start out on an actual massage table, and I would give a professional relaxation massage and chat to break the ice for the main festivities. Some guys were all about it, others didn't care so much for the massage part. I want to preface that there were many guys I met from USASG who were awesome... unfortunately I didn't get to see too many of them for very long before my three year hiatus started. While many were great, even more were not. I would say that most clients from USASG are bottom of the barrel, but they weren't, they were under the barrel - if you want me to be real with you. While I never want to say negative things about any clients, I feel that enough time has passed that it's fair to be open about some of these experiences. 


For you awesome guys out there, keep being great! And for those of you out there I haven't seen but  with references/willing to screen - keep being great also! I just found out from one of my colleagues the other day that when she does checks on guys, she has had to turn away wife beaters, child molesters, and literal rapists. Guys with criminal pasts... we do find out about this in the screening process usually, and it terrifies me that these men are out there seeking paid companionship. While I strongly and whole-heartedly believe in rehabilitation for criminals - I also feel that I personally should not have to be the one to risk my safety to give someone a chance... for those that don't feel that way - to each their own! 


Meanwhile, this Memorial Day I got to live out some of my lesbian dreams with my girl Jenna/Constance Coxx - (She's in the middle of a name change). I set up the kick stand for my iPhone as I knew I would want to get some pics from this exchange! I did get two, and wanted more, but I had my hands full so I kind of forgot at some point. I dressed up as a French Maid for her, and when she arrived I presented her with a riding crop... I just knew she would get a kick out of that. I had a handheld tray of sex toys at the ready (which looked really cute/hilarious holding it while wearing the maid outfit). We poured a couple glasses of Malbec and spent forever making out; which eventually led to me feeling her rub her heavy breasts all over my body before lightly swatting me with the riding crop. She gave me a few licks down south and I wanted her to get over me, 69 style. I ate her until she came but I wasn't ready to cum yet... I had a pink double ended dildo that I have been dying to try and we inserted each head into our respective ends and thrust against each other before deciding to try my ultimate fantasy... scissoring! I don't know why but I just love it! We both came while scissoring before I decided to put my Feeldoe in and fuck her doggy with it. We wore ourselves out and took a wine break for a little. 


While she was in the restroom I decided I wasn't ready for the fun to be over... I put a vinyl fitted sheet on the bed grabbed the nuru gel - I wanted a full body to body massage. We both rinsed off in the shower so our wet skin could activate with the nuru and took turns sliding our oiled up bodies; pussies and tits all over each other. Each of us was still too sensitive from cumming earlier to do it again but we had a magical time with the nuru gel and used it all up! I love that she was just able to come over and have some girl fun! 


If you're interested in learning more about Constance here is a link to her work in progress website:


XOXO Odette


Here is a photo from one of my first ever ads (maybe like my 2nd or third ad in 2013) trying to get back to this weight!!!!


 Here is a photo of me and Jennalicious/Constance Coxx from this today. I don't usually wear my hair up but since we were doing nuru I didn't wanna get gel on it! 









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