Such a busy girl.

June 13, 2018

Hello Dears, 


Sorry I have not updated in a while... I had quite a lot going on at home. In addition to the regular home life things I deal with, I attended my little sister's Quincinera and I also had another family member pass away. Needless to say those things kept me pretty busy. 


I am now at the halfway point in the 60 Day challenge and I am very worried. I have been keeping to my workouts but not so much to the diet. While I have dieted perfectly some days, I have had a lot of trouble with going too long between meals, traveling and having no way to prep food, and being out at family/holiday events/bbqs. I am unsure if making a change at this point will be enough to make a difference by the end of the challenge but I will do my best. If anyone has tips for eating healthy on the road while staying in hotels that don't have fridges or microwaves... let me know! 


Speaking of BBQs I am very much looking forward to attending an upstate New York BBQ in Rochester this July where I will meet other Upstate providers and potential clients. I have been working between Pgh and Cleveland for a while now and I am ready to try and add another city to my list. I was just in Pgh this last weekend and had a great time. I will admit that some clients were not up to my hygiene standards and another one was not very polite, but I had a really great time with one client in particular and a good time with the rest - it made the trip worth it. Oh! I also got to have a duo with Nadia Davino at the end of the trip which was extra worth it... I am in love with those boobs of hers. 


I have family and friends in Pgh and when I am done working I like to meet up with them and hangout before coming back home to Cleveland. I want to share with some of what I got into this weekend with you all:


One cool thing that I did on Saturday was go to the Three Rivers Arts Festival AND the Pride Fest downtown (in the same day)! As a person who is attracted to ladies and has bedded several of them, pride fest/celebrations are important to me. I first had lunch at one of my favorite spots: Burgh'ers before going to the festivals. I wore a blue jumpsuit that day and got a lot of mileage out of it, as you can tell from pictures, heh. I love that most of the burgers are named after Pgh neighborhoods. 


I got a photo in front of this fountain downtown:


At the Pride festival I found the Adult Mart tent and paid to spin the wheel: 


 I won lube and DVDs. They asked me what kind of porn I like and I told them "lesbian"! So I got these titles: 

 They also had people handing out samples of pain relievers and sunscreen so I stocked up and put them in my first aid kit. Unfortunately I missed the lady that was handing out free condoms... oh well lol. 


I will be doing a contest at some point where participants can enter a drawing to win a 10 pack of polaroids (poses of their choosing) and Mommy Eats Pussy, Cream of Meat, Share the Load and something else (not sure yet) in exchange for funds to get me to Anacortes in August. 


Some of the things coming up that I am looking forward to (aside from the BBQ in Rochester and the Sex Work summit in Anacortes ) are a potential duo with a Pgh local XXX star mid July (can't tell you who), and traveling to Washington DC at the end of July for comedian Patton Oswalt. While there I will be sure to get new photos done in a super cool room I booked, I also plan to either go to the museum of American History or the Newseum; AND I would like to go back to the museum of African American History and Culture so I can see the upstairs exhibits. (I only made it through the downstairs portion before they closed. It took 3 hours and I even had to rush through some of it!) 


Another thing I am looking forward to (that you all will see pictures of next week at some point) is my trip to Denver, Colorado this Thursday! There will be delicious food, hiking and horseback riding. I am very lucky that a client is flying me there and treating me to those activities. I absolutely plan to spend a good chunk of money on goodies while I am there. Hopefully I don't get mountain sickness this time as I did last year when we went to Breckenridge!




 That's all for now! Thanks for waiting so patiently! 


XOXO Odette


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