July 17, 2018

Hello Loves, 


Have you been waiting a while for this post? I have been up to so much lately I have so much that I want to share with you all. 


I left for Rochester & Buffalo about two weeks ago, and was pleasantly surprised by how easy (though long) the drive was. I had a few bookings, however all but one person cancelled on me! I was so excited to meet new friends in Buffalo but it just wasn't in the cards this trip. I did have one gentleman though who was very nice and whom I had a great time with, he made up for it a bit :) I made a "this is what you're missing" video and posted it on twitter... if you got to see it I am sure you loved it. 




The very next day I headed to Rochester for the BBQ. I dressed up like a yellow highlighter and wore a fancy necklace, but once I got there I figured the necklace was too fancy for a BBQ and locked it in the car. When I arrived, I met the woman (Angel T) who was throwing the shindig, as well as her husband. He was the grill master for the day and all the food was delicious. I was hoping to meet potential clients at this party but it seemed like either my rates were too high for a lot of them, or that they simply weren't willing to travel the 9 minutes to my hotel room. (I absolutely did NOT want to use any of the bedrooms at the party like many were doing - Can you imagine paying $300 to have sex in a room that smells like sweaty cock and pussy because so many people have been using it? I pride myself on doing the best I can to provide a nice environment and a good experience, I just wouldn't have been able to do that there.) 

I do think it was awesome that the rooms were available, because it gave opportunities for others to make money, it just isn't my personal thing to do that. One thing I loved about the party is that I met so many sex workers who varied in price range, there were strippers there too; to liven up the party. There was a girl named Sami, with glorious boobs, who I could not keep my pervy eyes off of the whole time I was there. In addition, I developed a girl-crush on a provider named Arianna - and wanted so badly for her to come to my room that night so *I* could hire her for some girl time - but she had other opportunities at the party and rightfully took them. There were also a couple other cuties like this girl in purple whose name I did not catch. I also met a wonderful woman named Paris Devine and we had great conversations. I am hoping to work with her in Naples, FL this coming September. 




I left the party early because it became apparent that the men there were not interested in what I had to offer at the amount I wanted, in the capacity I wanted. I will say there were a couple of nice fellows I met but I guess they had others they wanted to see more - which is fine - other fish in the sea, right? I went back to my room to have the most delicious Mozzarella and Avocado burger with fries/and played video games most of the night :) My room was so great that I honestly did not want to leave. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the Hyatt Regency in Rochester was and I will definitely stay there again! I was supposed to have two gentlemen that evening but only one showed up. He was nice and it helped me make the money back that I had spent on the trip. 




The next day I really wanted to go to Dinosaur BBQ before leaving, but I needed to be in Pittsburgh for work and the drive was already 4.5 hours long, I needed to get on the road! I was very nervous that evening because I was to meet the porn star I have been telling you about for a while now: Ashton Blake!




I won't get too detailed (sorry) because I want to protect the privacy of the appointment, but I felt like a very, very lucky girl that I was getting paid to diddle a super HOT lady! The evening was great and the very next day I was scheduled to do a photoshoot with my new duo partner, Mia! 


Mia is an extremely tall, very fit goddess with the most suckable nipples I have ever had the pleasure of having in my mouth! She is also genuinely bisexual, which is a nice change of pace since I have had duo partners in the past that were only bi for the money. It makes the session so much more enjoyable when you don't feel like you are doing something the other person is not attracted to or interested in! Mia was a naughty girl and was messing with me a little bit during the shoot - I will say that I was very wet by the time she left - and not just because we got in the shower lol! 




All in all, I went home with practically no profit in my pocket, because of all my travel expenses - but it was worth it to go to the BBQ and meet everyone; to meet Ashton Blake; to have fun with Mia...

I would definitely like to give Buffalo and Rochester a chance again before deciding those areas are bust. 


I also apologize in advance for all the food pictures you are about to be inundated with lol. I save the sexy stuff for Twitter! That being said, I did surprisingly lose 5lbs for the 60 day challenge. I wanted much more - but as you guys can see I have a problem around delicious food! 


I took my sister out for birthday lunch at crop and had my favorite thing ever - Brisket Mac!




I fucked around at Barnes and Nobles a little bit this weekend. I ended up being in Pgh so I could finally meet Lady Anaconda, a woman I found through my duo partner Fiona. Lady Anaconda is a fin/domme who lives and promotes the BBC lifestyle and there are a few aspects of her work that I have been interested in for a while; especially the fin/domme life. 




Not a great picture of me, but below is Lady Anaconda, Lady Emerald and me right before a cam show we did on Sunday/Yesterday. We got started much later than intended and I had to leave one hour into it. I did not get to play with the ladies as much as I would have liked because we had some chintzy gentlemen in the room at that time! I look forward to playing with them all again in the very near future.




After having all the Peruvian food you could want in the Strip District - I got home to Cleveland Heights last night and have been going non-stop ever since. I am only in town for one day this week as I need to work as much as possible before my oral surgery on the 24th. I am finally getting my wisdom teeth out and i have a few extra risk factors for sinus problems and nerve damage issues that I am terrified about. I have no idea how long I am going to be down and out for, orally - but I can tell you that I will finally be going all in and offering the massage sessions i have been wanting to as soon as I am well enough to stand for lengths of time. There will be a massage table! Depending on how much I make before then, there will also be a hot towel wipe down too! Keep your eyes peeled because I will announce when that happens on my Twitter. 


One thing I am most excited about/and nervous about - is that now that my wisdom teeth are coming out I will be able to get braces. I know a woman in her late 20s does not look right with braces, but as many of you know from a previous blog entry, I am extremely self conscious about my teeth. If I get them soon I can have them off by the time I am 30 and never have to worry about it again. 


I am looking forward to getting to Pgh so I can finally take Mia for a spin! We have lots of duos booked, so hopefully everyone shows up and there are no issues or cancellations! I'll definitely need the cash post surgery! I am also going to Washington DC for my best friends birthday this coming weekend - we are going to see comedian Patton Oswalt and I am looking forward that that more than anything. I booked myself a super awesome room that I got for a good rate - and I also set up a photoshoot and cannot wait for you all to see my new lingerie I have been waiting to show off! 


That's all for now! I'll update you all on the duos, DC and the surgery. 




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