Sweet, sweet alone time

August 8, 2018

Hey hey hey, 


Hope you are all doing well! I had the rare opportunity of being home for the weekend and got up to some relaxing fun!


Friday I performed my second official massage service for a client :) He was such a sweet and enjoyable fellow. 


I also had Pilates that morning. I am actually gaining weight still despite how often I am working out (which is a lot). Think it has anything to do with all these tacos I consume on a regular basis? AGH! 




I went to Bombas for a cocktail and tacos after my client. I was excited to try the place because I had driven past it in other cities and it looked interesting. Unfortunately, it was not that great. I got a cucumber lime margarita which was totally gross - the tacos were weird. I hate those Mission flour tortillas anymore since I have been spoiled by homemade tortillas and charred corn tortillas. 


The thing is, if you actually like tacos to have stuff on them, you might like this place. I only do chicken and cheese and so most of my taco was empty. The chicken was diced (not shredded) and overall the best thing about eating there was the Yucca fries with aioli drizzle. 




I went home and binge watched Lost in Space on Netflix. Highly recommend. 


Saturday I had a workout with my trainer, and afterward I decided to check out the pool at my gym. I put on a 2 pc and popped a THC sour gummy - got my bliss on! I actually fell asleep in the sun and ended up looking pretty burnt by the time I got home - but luckily it resolved overnight and I was just fine on Sunday. 




When I did get home I decided to make my homemade chicken goat cheese avocado tacos since my previous journey left me disappointed. 


Sunday morning was hike time. I wanted to torch calories and enjoy some nature - while filming a little video for you all on Twitter. I went to Chapin Forest trail and was disappointed. I was told that the hike was moderate but it was way too easy. Either way, I still had a nice morning. 




I decided to try Barrio for lunch on Sunday after the hike, and it was significantly better than Bombas. If I had to rank tacos though, it would be:



  1. El Burro in Pgh

  2. Homemade goat cheese avocado tacos

  3. Barrio

  4. Bombas


Since I finished my Netflix show and was bored, I decided to see the movie Sorry to Bother you (my friend had no interest in seeing it so I was destined to watch it alone). The theater was empty but maybe 6 people, including me. 


All I am gonna say is that movie… it has fucked me up for life. It’s extremely satirical and intelligent but also very alienating near the end - I will be thinking about it for a long time! 


I also had another massage client this weekend who went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable when we had screening issues - I appreciate him!


I will be in Pgh for the weekend and will be coming back Sunday to hopefully spend more time with the amazing Lady Anaconda at FWD. Hope to update you all soon! 


XOXO Odette


Taco Recipe: 

This is the lazy way, but there is a way to do it that takes a little more time and is less lazy. 



Shredded rotisserie chicken

2 avocados

half a goat cheese log

lime juice

corn tortillas

previously prepared pico de gallo if you like it



I heat the chicken in a frying pan and meanwhile I cut and dice the inside of the avocados and ad them to a bowl with the goat cheese. I generously squirt lime juice over it an use a hand mixer to beat until smooth. 


I set aside and turn off the chicken - turn the gas burner on high, heat the corn tortillas till they are brown/slightly charred on each side. 


Spread cheese mixture over tortillas, add chicken and anything else you like.


Enjoy your three tacos for under 300 calories! 


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