Feminine Myth

August 22, 2018

Hello loves,


I hope you all had a good last couple of weeks... mine were a mixture of terrifying, annoying, sad, awesome, boring, happy.  Lot's of emotions for the short time period! 


If you follow my newsletters or Twitter you probably know I went to my favorite taco place over the weekend. 


I snapped a selfie while I was there.


 You probably know I went to the cigar lounge also, and enjoyed some treats!


 Do you like my Ice Cream truck purse?


I went to a local PGH favorite spot for lunch Sunday... a place called Big Jim's. It was a little hole in the wall and from what I hear, back in the day you could see Big Jim himself sitting in his corner of his bar, all 6+ feet and 400 lbs of him! The portions at that place are huge. According to my friend I went with, their family would always sit at the table under the TV because their dad was enamored with a painting inside that had a woman experiencing a nip slip depicted. He wanted to sit right across from it because he liked it so much. Allegedly at one point it upset someone so a sticker was placed over the nip, but that must not have lasted long. 


That is so cute it cracks me up. The painting is still there but has since been moved to another spot in the room. 


We hit up Rita's Italian Ice afterwards.




I realized today that I am reaching the end of my current birth control pack which means I will be experiencing some Mother Nature soon. It reminded me of this TED talk I saw a few years about about PMS being a myth. 



The woman giving the talk explains how there is no scientific evidence to back up any of the symptoms women claim to experience on menses - such as bloat, fatigue, headaches, irritability etc... 


She explains how PMS started as a myth perpetuated by men, which in turn formed a multi-billion dollar industry marketing PMS products to women. If I remember correctly, cramps were the only legit symptom. 


I'ver personally always though that women used PMS as an excuse to act like bitches (which they do 24/7) when they get caught being bitchier than usual. 


Now I know why! Because apparently no studies or science can back up irritability as being caused by PMS. At best the behavior is a week correlation, but isn't causal. 


What do you guys think, myth or no? The speaker in the video is later trashed by women all over for her unpopular opinion. 


Will I now know science can't support PMS, I admit I understand why people think the opposite. I personally feel like my sex drive is out of control on my period. I become like a cat in heat! I've heard of other girls feel the same. 


Unfortunately clients don't particularly care for this situation to occur. I would say that if I start my period, 99% of booked clients cancel or reschedule when I tell them. 


I found a company that makes mess-free period products called www.flexfits.com and I will say I have tested them out on a few unsuspecting clients to some great success - though I do feel guilty about the ethics of not letting them know beforehand. 


Regardless, I am hoping that with the use of Flex Fits, I can get my horny desires filled and avoid the cancellations during that time when I very biologically feel like I  need the D. Hopefully the gentleman wouldn't mind ;)


Sorry if this post was a little bloodier or weirder than you prefer, I got high on THC peppermint patties halfway through writing it and this is the result! 


XOXO Odette







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