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September 11, 2018

Whoa! What an insanely busy and awesome week. Before I tell you what I have been up to, I want to take a moment to say how absolutely fantastic things have been going for me lately ever since I made some changes to my work! 


First and foremost, advertising on Eros - I know a lot of providers hate Eros, and I get irritated with their terrible customer service and policies too - but I have been getting some very high quality clients and communications from that site and it has made such a big difference for me. That's not a dig to you guys that found me from other venues, it is just that if you knew the difference between the average guy from review board sites and the average guy from Eros, you would be shocked! 


Secondly, requiring deposits has made my life so much better. I was always scared that I could never ask for deposits because I wasn't a "luxury" companion. I do get plenty of guys who don't want to pay them still, but a lot are willing to trust me and it makes things so much easier. If I get cancelled on I don't get completely screwed and miss out on needed income, and it also tells me the person is serious about meeting :) It establishes a level of trust between two people that makes the sessions so much more comfortable for me. 


Lastly, raising my rates. I raised my rates several months ago and was so afraid no one would see me... old clients threatened to leave and no new clients were coming in, really scary for a low volume escort. That was with old advertising venues of course... such a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders and I have been meeting some truly incredible people. 


Thanks for listening to me gush - I don't want to sound like a bragger, I am just so excited and thrilled and I hope this lasts forever (though I know it probably won't lol)!


Anyway, I took my tiny human to the zoo the weekend before labor day - I'm pretty cute in this fitted a-line Kate Spade dress.




On Labor Day I marched in the Pittsburgh downtown parade with a local union. I am not affiliated with any unions but I was supporting a close friend and it was a very fun experience. It was insanely hot outside but that didn't stop us and can I just tell you... I got so emotional hearing some of the labor chants. If you work in a field where unionizing is an option, I highly recommend it, and I recommend supporting union workers and union made items. These men and women are incredible and hard workers. My favorite lady I met at the parade was a vocal professor and she had the most vulgar mouth I have ever heard for such an old lady - I loved it. I also made eye contact with Joe Biden! (Missed out on meeting him.)


After the parade I was pretty hungry so I took it upon myself to visit the Rib Fest to get some Brisket Mac & Cheese.




I checked into my Pittsburgh hotel later than usual since i had no appointments on Labor Day. I had an awesome tub that I did get to share with some lucky people - and wine with me as well. Very warm and fuzzy and the perfect thing to do in those longer sessions - most of which were between 90 mins and 2 hours. 




I hit up a taco place (you know I am a taco lover in more ways than one) called Candado's - which is apparently the same exact thing as Barrio and is owned by the same people. Menu was basically the exact same. Margaritas are amazingly delicious there! 




Played Sexy Secretary for someone on Wednesday before leaving for Buffalo. NOTE - if you'd like to do this sometime, I need at least one week's notice to get the outfit together. 




Met with some amazing individuals in Buffalo and got to take some lingerie out for a spin. 


Once I hit Rochester I really wanted to enjoy Dinosaur BBQ since everyone has been telling me how good it was. Portions were huge and I couldn't finish all the deliciousness! I originally didn't have any bookings for Rochester but due to the amazing Arianna, she sent my info out to her client list and I snagged a few and made the trip worth it. 




Still had to eat breakfast alone though ;) 




Why would I wanna share this anyway, right? 




On Saturday I went to see lovely and generous Ms. Angel Thick - if you spend $50 on items from her Amazon wishlist for her homeless outreach I will include a free 30 minutes onto any one hour booking - a savings of $110 - go to my twitter and look for the tweet that has more info - or simply venmo me the $50 and I will pass it along. Make sure to write that is't for the outreach in the note.


I got to spend some time chatting with her, smoking some weed and playing with her adorable puppies. One stole a kiss - the other isn't pictured.




Her outreach is really important to me because there were times in my life - years ago - I had no place to live. I was homeless for two weeks and had stolen a U-haul trailer to keep my things in while I roamed from motel to hotel. I was lucky that I had the means to stay in cheap hotels when there are people living on the literal streets. I had to sell my iPad and some of my nicer clothes just to pay for food for me and my little dude. I never want to go back to that. Needless to say I am not allowed to rent Uhauls anymore lol. 


Moving on, I had so much time in Rochester, I spent a lot of it in my hotel room playing Horizon Zero Dawn and getting ripped. I guess I'm a pothead now (who knew)? In all seriousness, I only indulge when I have no other responsibilities going on - which is rare. It just seems like I do this a lot - but I was alone all week with so much free time and no kiddo - best time to indulge!




I couldn't find someone to have dinner with, but that's okay - I took my own self to Mortons ;) 




The steak was so delicious - like butter - but honestly I could have gotten a steak just as good at Longhorn for $26 that I spent $60 on there. Those truffle fries though... 


The very last thing i did before leaving town was visit a 'sensory deprivation float chamber'. I passed the business earlier in the day and was curious. I have heard a lot of people talk about these but I had never visited one. I took a video for you all as I was exiting, will post on Twitter since I can't post vids on this site - I definitely won't be doing it again - seemed like a waste of money to be bored, floating in a slightly warm tank of salt water. I wished I had some meditation tapes to play or something. The salt water is so slimy, it feels almost like Nuru gel! That part was kind of fun. I mostly just goofed off in the tank flopping around and experimenting with the buoyancy. 



 Can't take me anywhere! Jeez!


That's all for now - I am available all next week in Cleveland Heights Sept 17-21st, and am touring Las Vegas Oct 1-4th. 


I have a wishlist on Amazon for those who are interested:


Something you want to ask me anonymously? That you've always wondered? I now have Curiouscat! Check it out here:


XOXO Odette








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