A much needed repose

January 9, 2019

Hello there everyone, 


I know I always apologize for this but sorry for making you all wait so long for this blog post. The holidays were insanely busy for me, but good!


I made out like a bandit this Christmas. Some things I got? New chefs/cooking knives from Cuisinart. I desperately needed knives because the ones I had were extremely old Ginsu knives that had become dull and weren’t worth sharpening. I was also missing a bunch of knives from that set. 


I got that MAC cosmetics Zucca bag, which is this great professional travel bag for you makeup kit - I am thinking about getting back into makeup artistry; something I used to do several years ago. 


I got a bottle of my current favorite perfume, and the book “In Intimate Detail” which is all about lingerie. I got a cute bodysuit from VS and a beautiful pair of peacock feather stockings from Falke. 


One of my favorite things I got was an art book my Mark Ryden - my favorite artist. I am also set for life in Sephora gift cards lol. 


This was all in addition to the wonderful items and generous gifts I received from clients this year. This year was honestly the best Christmas I ever had and I am grateful to have those clients, friends and family in my life. 


Here’s some of the stuff I got with one of my Sephora gift cards (I am addicted to makeup):




I stayed in my favorite hotel for Christmas and invited my best friend to have dinner and watch a movie with me.




The hotel restaurant closed early on Christmas Eve and we missed dinner so we had to order from the room service menu - which was fine by me because it was actually delicious! Sometimes you stay in a hotel and the food there isn’t so good, here it is fabulous. 


I had delicious braised beef short rib and we split a salted caramel toffee. 




We watched the movie Black Klansmen, which was a very good movie with a very impactful ending. I had a free movie at the hotel because they do this thing called “social password” seasonally and if you use the password at check-in you can get free rewards like a room upgrade, welcome amenity, bottle of wine etc. The next day I had the yummiest Christmas brunch in the hotel restaurant. (I’m pretty boring with my breakfast choices.) 




Between spoiling the hell out of my child for Christmas and seeing friends and family, I did get to do some relaxing stuff on my winter break :)


I saw a lot of movies! 


My best friend is a history buff and we saw the movie They Shall Not Grow Old (limited release), which was a great WWI documentary that utilizes old war footage. They found a way to use modern camera angling on this old footage that made it feel like it was just filmed. They colorized all the black and white so the film footage was in color. They hired lip readers to figure out what the guys were saying in the old footage and had actors from the localities and regions the soldiers would have been from to voice over the lips moving and tried to get as close as possible to what they thought the soldiers accent would be. 


The awesome thing about the movie was that it was very Day-In-The-Life of the soldiers and it was interesting to get to hear about what it was like living in the trenches and just the mundane soldier activities like how they slept, trained, ate etc. 

We stopped for tacos at Candados after. That’s one of my favorite taco places in Pgh. 




Another day we decided to get crazy and do a back to back movie day where we watched The Favorite and Aquaman. The Favorite is an art house film about Queen Ann that was extremely funny. I have never heard the C-word so many times in my life as in that movie. My new favorite way to refer to someone in love/lust is “cuntstruck”. 




Now you know I’m not gonna be in Homestead and not have Burgatory (this is why I am fat, I swear) before seeing Aquaman. I wasn’t particularly excited to see it but I picked the other movie so I figured I owed my friend a choice. Aquaman was actually a lot better than I thought it would be and I enjoyed it. 


I had breakfast with my family on the 23rd.




I met a provider for coffee and we talked about the fallout of Fosta/Sesta. I am actually quite interested to hear from you guys how Fosta/Sesta has impacted you. If you would like to share, please email me. 




I had someone take me up on my NYE offer and we had a great time. This particular gentleman had a lingerie fetish (or extreme like, I suppose) and reimbursed me for some new pieces I bought for the appointment. I put on a little Lingerie Fashion show for him with lots of kisses in-between ;)


Here is an example of one thing I wore. 




I had Veuve Clicquot for the first time! I didn’t love it but it was pretty good (a little too dry for my tastes), and it was nice for someone to spring for a bottle of something expensive for once. 


We also used a mini cocktail kit I got as a stocking stuffer to make Champagne Gummy Bear cocktails with the Veuve. That was pretty cute.




He took me for a delicious prix-fix meal that night and I tried some new things. (I am pretty picky so this is a big deal for me). The first thing was a butternut squash soup with mint yogurt and ginger in it - tasted amazing. The second course was shrimp over cheese and pepper risotto. I loved the risotto, not so much the shrimp - I just can’t get into seafood for some reason. Third course was braised beef over garlic mash with carrots and brussel sprouts… turns out I like roasted brussel sprouts lol. Dessert was a pecan pie with pineapple compote. I didn’t actually care too much for this rendition of pecan pie but overall I was really happy with this meal. 




January 5th was the gallery show for my photographer… you may have seen this picture on Twitter. 




He sold two from this set but the one of my legs (bottom left corner) didn’t sell :( That’s okay, and I enjoyed being a guest and seeing all of the other work there. 


He knows I love Moscato so he lifted a box of it from the wine distributor at the event (who was a giant douche bag.) I don’t normally condone stealing but what’s done is done I suppose, now I have 12 bottles of Moscato - how am I going to drink all that? 




Before I left Lancaster PA, I stopped at a cool restaurant called The Press Room. The food was so delicious, here are some pictures of tomato bisque and a carrot appetizer :) You know you guys haven’t seen enough food in this post yet, eh?




Well, thats what I have been up to. I hope you all had awesome holidays. Next blog post will be a little less of a food diary I hope. 




XOXO Odette

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