Stay Safe

April 19, 2019

"Stay Safe."


Those two little words used to be (and sometimes still are) a standard phrase clients and escorts would say and write to each other at the end of a conversation or messages. It's a sentiment meaning 'I know this is dangerous, it shouldn't be, and I hope nothing bad happens to you.'


It's been over a year since FOSTA/SESTA passed and it's now harder than ever for police to prosecute sex traffickers as well as sex workers. Their avenues for finding those services are drying up and both buyers and sellers are taking extra precautions to keep themselves safe. That being said - police are now getting more funding (through grants) and have more pressure on them than ever - to get more creative to pursue the consensual sex trade; all in the name of ending demand for trafficking. 


Due to recent events and articles I have seen online and on Twitter, I wanted to write this post about how YOU (the client) can and should take measures and use deductive reasoning to protect yourself and find reputable workers; avoiding entrapment. 


First, please bring to your attention this forum: Police Forum


It is a forum for police officers. This thread is from 2016 but the advice holds true to this day. One officer is seeking advice about busting escorts in his city. He has no street based workers but it simply bothers him/his department girls were posting online. He wants to know the best way to go about it. 


Think officers aren't well enough funded to trick you? Think again. 


"We always bring an HSI SA on our ops and they've actually footed the bill the last two we ran."


"This. Go for the federal human trafficking angle if your DA won't play ball."


That is the advice one officer gives to another to get funding and also to get the DA on board. These stings were aimed at busting clients and workers, thinly veiled as anti-trafficking. 


They do have time to sit around and text you for a long time, they do have time to talk to you on the phone. They have the funds to meet you at a motel. 


I don't know how true this is, because I heard it thirdhand, but a while back a girl on Twitter posted that someone she works with got busted by an officer posing as a client - he ordered her an Uber Black, it took her to a ritzy Air BnB, and the officer engaged in some soft romantic activities with her before busting her (kissing and groping). She thought she was safe because of the nice car and the nice home, which wasn't even his! I have no idea if she screened him, what his references are, etc. I have no idea if it's a hoe urban legend - I am just saying that it isn't out of the realm of possibility for someone you meet online to do the same to you. 


Now... Let's talk about how officers have access to Artificial Intelligence now. So you saw a few reviews online and an ad for a girl - you texted her number. You're the kind of guy who always checks to see if a girl has views before meeting - you're so smart.. or are you? After all, isn't it SOOO much easier to text the girl and get a feel for her personality than to do all those requirements you hate via email?! Don't you just HATE sending your real info or collecting references? You've written reviews, that should be good enough, right? 


Extra extra, read all about it! NY Times Article




See the attached photos to this post? Certain items were highlighted that should concern you if you are a hobby board kind of guy. If you checked my link from earlier in this post, you will even see the officers mention to check and get on forums and use them, as well as reviews boards. 


If you're not scared, you're dumb. 


I know a lot of my regular clients are not hobby board guys, and I know a lot of them had no idea where to look when they first started and that just happened to be the culture they fell into when they first started looking for escorts - and I am not saying you guys are stupid or anything is wrong with you at all. I want you to be safe more than anything! However, this bit of tough love I am instilling is long overdue for certain other readers.


"So how can I be safe?" you ask, "How can I find girls I might want to see?"


Well, I will be the first to tell you there isn't a NO-RISK way to be in this world, but there are ways to mitigate your risk.  


How to make sure you are seeing someone reputable:


She should have some sort of website. Ideally it shouldn't be a free one, because anyone can sign up for a free site with a template and make that in 30 minutes, but some less privileged providers use free sites and that doesn't mean they are LE. A website is a just one huge indicator that you are meeting someone reputable who has put effort into her business. 


She should have a social media following or a significant amount of photos or online presence. When cops sting people with fake profiles, there won't be many photos. You can also reverse image search the pics to help, but ideally look for someone who has more than 5 photos online (I'd personally say 10-15). You should be able to find a Twitter account for her, multiple ads that aren't recent (a red flag would be only recent ads). 


Girls who only have a phone number as a way to contact them and no email would be a giant red flag to me. This isn't always the case as I mentioned before, many workers that aren't privileged may choose to work this way, but if you really WANT to mitigate risk, you should be doing almost all your communication with escorts through their email unless they tell you otherwise. 


If the girl has no screening method at all, RUN. If you give her screening and she responds instantly (almost as if she didn't even check it) RUN. Another indicator, cops usually don't ask for deposits. I haven't heard of any doing so yet. It's a safe bet that if a lady has a deposit policy she isn't law enforcement. 


As always, ask your trusted or favorite providers for recommendations. Your regular escort might know someone who could be your next favorite, and would be HAPPY to recommend them. It builds good will in our professional circles to refer clients to each other because we usually pay it forward and we like to keep clients and money in our own pools as opposed to all over the place with random girls who might not be very professional. 


You might not know how to find girls now that all the review sites are disappearing, I can tell you: keep it simple stupid. Most of us ladies with websites spend a lot of money on them. We carefully spend time and cash on SEO so that we show up in google. It might be worth it for you to find someone by simply "(Location) escort" etc or some keywords and see what results you get. 


Also, if you arent on Twitter, you are missing out on tons of opportunities. Your favorites ladies will often post when girls they know are coming through your city and you can use hashtags to find girls in your area (such as #datecleveland for example). 


I hope that this post has either been helpful or eye opening. 


I have many more things I have been wanting to write for you all but such little time. I promise I will write more sooner rather than later. 


XOXO Odette



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